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Okay, so for years I have been saving recipes on my internet browser. At the last count it was over 60 different recipes. They range from appetizers to milkshakes. They are the ones that I like or just sounded so delicious that I have to try it one day. So this will be the first, of I hope many posts, about how my endeavors go. I am sure there will be failures, I’m no chef….but I do look forward to the many delicious successes.


Recipe 1:

Raspberry Beignets with Vanilla Dipping Sauce

Created by Chef Alex Guarnaschelli

Okay, the top ten reasons why I love this recipe.

1. It was created by one of my favorite chefs.

2. Saw it on “Best thing I ever Made” which is a tv show on FoodNetwork.

3. Beignets are my favorite!!!

4. I will eat anything with raspberries…except seafood!! Gross!!!

5. I had all the ingredients to make a tryout recipe.

(A tryout recipe is what I like to do when I can…simplely put…only make a half of a batch)

6. I know that my dad will love it!

7. Can be done on a busy day since it takes forever to rise!!!

8. When I’m craving something good…this will be a top choice.

9. It can be substituted for any type of jam or jelly you have on hand…I used mom’s homemade pineapple jelly:)

10. It was the best thing I have eaten in a long time…and I didn’t even follow the recipe completely:)


So…if you happen to have all the ingredients, or at least the important ones like flour, yeast, sugar, eggs oil, etc… and about three hours to spend going back and forth into your kitchen. Try this out…your family will love it. Especially when you tell them how much it cost at the restaurant….

Pictures will be included soon….



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