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So, I realized that I have not posted any of my cooking creations. So I decided this morning that since this is my first day of Spring Break that I wanted to make something new and delicious:) My mind went to an episode of Good Eats that I watched about a year ago. The recipe is called Dutch Oven Cherry Clafouti It is an easy recipe and since I didn’t have any cherries in the house I decided to substitute the cherries for mixed berries.

Blackberries, Raspberries, and Blueberries. Talk about delicious!

So, with this Clafouti, which is a french pancake/custard desert that is wonderful, also made my usual scrambled eggs with turkey and cheese, talk about the only way to eat eggs.

I think scrambled eggs are also a French dish so I guess my cooking is all French inspired today…

Take a look at the recipe, it is great and I am sure you will love it. Happy eating!!


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