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Chicken with Salsa Verde

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Okay, so if none of you know the amazing flavors that are in this dish, you are missing out on pure awesomeness!!!!

Normally, I do not post about a recipe until I try it. This is my one exception. I know that it will taste amazing!!!!

This recipe came as an email. I am a subscriber of Bon AppetitĀ and love their ideas. This recipe is easy to do, don’t worry aboutĀ tomatillos, they make look strange but they have great potential!

I am seasoning my chicken before I cook it and all I used was garlic and onion powder, cumin, and dried cilantro. I will add kosher salt right before I put it in the pan.

I hope you enjoy this…I know you will:)

Chicken with Salsa Verde

from Bon Appetit



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Okay, so for months I’ve seen Subway’s ad for their breakfast menu. Me, who LOVES Subway was never to keen about having a breakfast sub. Today, my thoughts were changed. Being in the hospital with my mom and not knowing where the cafeteria was makes a person hungry for anything. So, I tried the breakfast B.M.T with added bacon on the flat bread. Man was that good!! I could so get another one, but unfortunately they stop serving breakfast at 11am.

So, instead of getting the usual McDonald or Burger King breakfast item, give Subway at try.