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The fun side of life…

Chicken with Salsa Verde

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Okay, so if none of you know the amazing flavors that are in this dish, you are missing out on pure awesomeness!!!!

Normally, I do not post about a recipe until I try it. This is my one exception. I know that it will taste amazing!!!!

This recipe came as an email. I am a subscriber of Bon Appetit and love their ideas. This recipe is easy to do, don’t worry about tomatillos, they make look strange but they have great potential!

I am seasoning my chicken before I cook it and all I used was garlic and onion powder, cumin, and dried cilantro. I will add kosher salt right before I put it in the pan.

I hope you enjoy this…I know you will:)

Chicken with Salsa Verde

from Bon Appetit


Morning Breakfast….

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So, I realized that I have not posted any of my cooking creations. So I decided this morning that since this is my first day of Spring Break that I wanted to make something new and delicious:) My mind went to an episode of Good Eats that I watched about a year ago. The recipe is called Dutch Oven Cherry Clafouti It is an easy recipe and since I didn’t have any cherries in the house I decided to substitute the cherries for mixed berries.

Blackberries, Raspberries, and Blueberries. Talk about delicious!

So, with this Clafouti, which is a french pancake/custard desert that is wonderful, also made my usual scrambled eggs with turkey and cheese, talk about the only way to eat eggs.

I think scrambled eggs are also a French dish so I guess my cooking is all French inspired today…

Take a look at the recipe, it is great and I am sure you will love it. Happy eating!!

Woes of Mayo…..

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Okay, I learned a very important lesson a few weeks back and have decided to share it. Never, NEVER, make double batch of homemade mayonnaise. I wanted to be Ms. Susie Homemaker by making homemade mayonnaise for chicken salad that I am serving at a birthday party. I had great plans for it being that talk of the party. (Note, pride comes before a fall) However in this case, the mayonnaise was ruined and my poor, sweet, wonderful dad had to go to the store to buy me some more oil. So, here is the recipe for the mayonnaise as shown in Paula Deen’s Kitchen Classic Cookbook. It is awesome and its fun to add seasonings to it too 🙂 Remember…only make one batch!!!

Easy Homemade Blender Mayonnaise – yields 1 cup

1 cup vegetable oil     1 egg     3 teaspoons fresh lemon juice     3/4 teaspoon salt (I like Kosher)     1/2 teaspoon dry mustard (use garlic powder if you have not mustard)     1 tablespoon hot water

In the container of a blender, combine 1/4 cup of the oil, the egg, lemon juice, salt, and mustard, and blend for just a few seconds. With the blender running (don’t worry you will not get this mixture in you face), take lid off and drizzle in the remaining 3/4 cup oil. Blend in the hot water. Stop blender and put in small container and place in refrigerator.  It will last in the refrigerator about 4 days.

I hope you enjoy this recipe. I love it!!

Month Review….

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Okay, this is something that I’m going to do faithfully (Lordwilling) at the end of each month. This will put in summary what I have learned this month and what I was intending to post  ;).

1. Start a blog and TRY to be faithful in posting….

2. Never, I repeat, NEVER! make a double batch of homemade mayonnaise….post will follow about that experience.

3. That God is always faithful to provide for everything that I need, including free concealer:)

4. That if I keep adding recipes to my bookmarks, I will never be finished with writing this blog.(Just added a new one a few minutes ago) Strawberry & Lime Layer Cake It sounds amazing!!!

5. That even when I make mistakes in life, once I ask forgiveness from God and the people who are effected by my decision. I can still go forward in my Christian walk.

So, with this and many more in mind, I hope you had just a great a month as I have. I’m looking forward to the many months ahead….

Cooking my way through my bookmarks….

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Okay, so for years I have been saving recipes on my internet browser. At the last count it was over 60 different recipes. They range from appetizers to milkshakes. They are the ones that I like or just sounded so delicious that I have to try it one day. So this will be the first, of I hope many posts, about how my endeavors go. I am sure there will be failures, I’m no chef….but I do look forward to the many delicious successes.


Recipe 1:

Raspberry Beignets with Vanilla Dipping Sauce

Created by Chef Alex Guarnaschelli

Okay, the top ten reasons why I love this recipe.

1. It was created by one of my favorite chefs.

2. Saw it on “Best thing I ever Made” which is a tv show on FoodNetwork.

3. Beignets are my favorite!!!

4. I will eat anything with raspberries…except seafood!! Gross!!!

5. I had all the ingredients to make a tryout recipe.

(A tryout recipe is what I like to do when I can…simplely put…only make a half of a batch)

6. I know that my dad will love it!

7. Can be done on a busy day since it takes forever to rise!!!

8. When I’m craving something good…this will be a top choice.

9. It can be substituted for any type of jam or jelly you have on hand…I used mom’s homemade pineapple jelly:)

10. It was the best thing I have eaten in a long time…and I didn’t even follow the recipe completely:)


So…if you happen to have all the ingredients, or at least the important ones like flour, yeast, sugar, eggs oil, etc… and about three hours to spend going back and forth into your kitchen. Try this out…your family will love it. Especially when you tell them how much it cost at the restaurant….

Pictures will be included soon….


What this blog is about……

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I have decided that as a college student and music teacher that loves to cook, it is time for a blog that goes with my interests. I have been a princess of the most high God for almost a year and I know that this coming new year of salvation will be filled with victories and trials. Yet, I want to offer hope to all those that are a part of this race that if we keep pressing on, we will receive our reward.

I hope you like this blog and tell your friends all about it. Just like the name of my blog, we are going to have a blast!!

I will be offering cooking tips, music advice, and sharing what God is showing me.